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Iron Lawyer

One of the problems with being a genre-whore is that one tends to miss those quirky little gems that the Japanese produce now and then. For example, I didn't succumb to the pleasures of Katamari Damacy until just about time We ♥ Katamari came out because word of mouth just became too hard to ignore. With this in mind, when I went looking for a new DS game to take with me to Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend, I wound up purchasing Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney on a whim. I am very glad I did so, and I cannot praise this court room drama/comedy highly enough.

You might think that it wouldn't be possible to make a game based on such shady lawyering techniques as performing your own extralegal investigations, badgering witnesses, raising objections, bluffing your way through trials, making accusations you know to be groundless just to prolong the trial, calling animals to the witness stand, and consulting with the dead while court is in session, but you would be wrong. O so very wrong.

Oh, and did I mention that there's a fighting game style versus screen every time you cross-examine a witness, and that you can raise objections by actually saying, "Objection!" into the DS microphone? And that the whole thing is playable in bite size-chunks since you can save at anytime? If you've been looking for an excuse to get a DS, this game is it.

In fact, the moment I finished it, I went on-line to check to see when the sequel would be out. The official American release is in January, but it turned out that the Japanese version is out now and bilingual, so I made a trip down to Pink Godzilla the very next day.
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