January 6th, 2007

excrucior offensive jesused!


I've been having a great time at the Linguistic Society of America conference the past few days. In addition to seeing some interesting presentations, and being nearly comatose through others, I met some some famous "faces" of the linguistics blogosphere. I would like to single out Semantic Compositions in particular as being awesome because he picked up our tab. And he went to Harvey Mudd! (But he transferred to CMC. Boo!) I was also extremely gratified to know that I have indeed let the outside word know about Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney.

Other highlights include:

Mark Liberman suggested that linguistics as field look to Linux as an inspiration for growth. Specifically, our goal should be "Word domination. Fast." However, although he didn't mention it by name, I think he implicitly suggested using "Embrace and Extend" as a strategy. And speaking of Liberman, my copy of Far from the Madding Gerund is now signed by both authors.

I learned that ish, as in it's two o'clock-ish is a full blown word in many people's idiolects. Not mine, though.

I was totally one of those other linguistics bloggers.